Sky News: Joe Biden is ‘deteriorating before our eyes’

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Trump says Obama treated Biden like a ‘child’ when he ‘lead him off stage’ and mocks White House for blaming AI

Donald Trump defended the media after the White House claimed videos of President Joe Biden freezing are ‘deceptively edited.’

The former president decried Biden, 81, for ‘humiliating’ the U.S. on the world stage after a series of awkward interactions during international trips and domestic events.

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The 78-year-old told a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, that Biden ‘looked like he didn’t know where the hell he was’ and mocked White House aides for blaming AI and the media.

‘Joe Biden is humiliating our country on the world stage,’ Trump said. He’s actually humiliating us – you saw what happened this weekend?! It’s turning the United States into a total joke all over the world.’

He also said former President Barack Obama had to lead Biden ‘off stage as though he were a child’ during a recent fundraiser.

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Trump also defended himself against reports he called Milwaukee a ‘horrible city’ during a closed-door meeting last week with Republican lawmakers.

Despite spending a good chunk of his remarks railing against Biden’s flubs, Trump made his own fumble when he used the term ‘clean fakes’ instead of ‘cheap fakes.’

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