Russia unveils new 1.5 ton Fuel Air glide bomb with precision targetting 25 mile glide range

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“FAB 1500” M54

Massive blast radius. About a 100 meter “bad day” radius.

Cheap, using a bolt on glide and guidance kit

Launched by the Su34 Fullback fighter-bomber

Allows the heavy fighters to stand off and still put this massive bomb on target.

To put it in perspective, Russia has been using a feared TOS-1 and TOS-2 “flamethrower” system that is an MLRS launcher for thermobaric weapons. The range is only a couple miles, and the warheads on each missile are only about 100 lbs. (45 kg).

TOS-1 is a tracked vehicle based on a T-72 tank Chassis.
TOS-2 is a large tire vehicle with greater mobility, range and the ability to operate without a support heavy hauler low-boy trailer, but less armor.

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The new weapon Is as mobile as the fighter bomber that carries it, and range and accuracy are greatly increased.

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And the FAB explosive is about 30 times the size of the TOS flamethrower warheads and about 5 times heavier than a JDAM, plus it is a Fuel air bomb, so we are talking about at least a full city block or more per detonation.

If Russia starts hitting Kiev with these monsters, the war will end quickly.

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