Proposal to hand out $1,000 ‘baby bonuses’ for ‘poverty’ makes the ballot in Baltimore, the grift continues

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Precious, innocent babies continue to be one of the best grifts for big government socialist sickos. Here’s the latest example, from a report by Lea Skene at AP News:

New parents in Baltimore could get $1,000 if voters approve ‘baby bonus’ initiative

A group of Baltimore teachers is asking voters to approve a program that would give $1,000 to new parents in the hopes of reducing childhood poverty starting from birth.

The ‘baby bonus’ will appear on the ballot for city residents in November, after supporters secured the necessary 10,000 signatures to bring the question to voters.

Organizers behind the Baltimore campaign say more systemic change is needed on a national level to help lift families out of poverty, but giving new parents a modest financial boost could prove an important first step.

An estimated 7,000 children are born in Baltimore each year, so the program would cost about $7 million annually, which is roughly 0.16% of the city’s annual operating budget, according to supporters. The initiative won’t result in higher taxes, but it will be up to Baltimore’s City Council to allocate funds if it passes.

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What could possibly go wrong with handing a chunk of cash to any woman who decides to get pregnant and birth a baby? Seems obvious and rhetorical, but apparently not obvious enough to the Democrat voters with whom we’ve all got to contend.

And, what’s even more offensive is this is the very work that crisis pregnancy centers do all the time, on real donations instead of confiscated taxpayer money—yes, the same CPCs that are constantly demonized, prosecuted, and persecuted by the progressive Democrats. These charities counsel these mothers, meet their financial needs, get them through school, help them find stable homes and jobs, and sponsor baby showers.

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i wanted to blow the money!!!

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