Politicians who are doing this kind of stuff want to distract from the crappy job they’re doing at doing their actual jobs.

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LOL: Bob McManus: New York’s very serious City Council never fails to take up our most pressing issues… right?

When the New York City Council gets its way, and Manhattan’s Columbus Avenue becomes Indigenous Boulevard, no more 1-year-olds will die of fentanyl poisoning at drug-front day-care centers in The Bronx.


Because everybody knows that the most critical problem facing a city suffering rising crime, daunting budget projections and a federal border breakdown is that the nation’s founders were men of their times.

Thus the municipal legislature — traditionally a haven for hacks but more recently attractive to radical activists — is scheming to set things straight: It’s fixing to cancel all official notice of America’s first citizens, never mind their role in founding the nation Abraham Lincoln termed “the last best hope of earth.”

(But what did that dead white guy know, anyway? Right?)


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