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Oye, Biden’s Numbers Are Really, Really Bad.

Seriously, it’s hard to believe Joe Biden hasn’t dropped out of the 2024 presidential race yet.

His numbers are really that bad.

According to a new poll from the Wall Street Journal, a large majority of Americans, 73%, don’t think he’s “mentally up for the job” of being president. Joe Biden was already the oldest president to take office at the age of 77, and he’d be 86 at the end of a hypothetical second term, assuming he actually wins and serves the entire time. This assessment of Biden was bipartisan, as two-thirds of Democrats agreed that Biden is too old to be president.

You’ll probably remember how aggressively the media pushed the narrative that Donald Trump was mentally ill during his presidency, going so far as to invite professionals who never examined him to conclude on air that Trump wasn’t fit for office and should be removed via the 25th Amendment. Well, those efforts failed spectacularly to convince the public. The same poll that found 73% think Biden is several fries short of a Happy Meal™ found that less than half say the same about Trump, who is three years younger than Biden and clearly much sharper—in fact, there’s really no comparison.

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THEY’RE NOT STUPID: Americans are getting wise to Joe Biden’s corruption — despite his media gatekeepers.

Almost half the country thinks Joe Biden is corrupt, according to a new YouGov poll.

While most Democrats are being ostriches, even 52% of independents don’t believe the “Honest Joe” malarkey about the “poorest man in Congress” anymore.

Among Americans who voted for Biden in the 2020 election, a full 13% have been red-pilled.

They have eyes, and common sense, and somehow the avalanche of incriminating evidence spewing forth from the House Oversight Committee has managed to bypass the gatekeepers of the media and slowly permeate the public consciousness.

Once people with eyes and common sense see the evidence about the influence-peddling racket operated by Joe’s son Hunter and brother Jim to make millions of dollars from shady characters in China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, etc., while Joe was vice president, it is impossible not to grasp the corrupt nature of that business and Joe’s role in it.

Biden says he hasn’t ‘been able to break’ for East Palestine visit, despite Lake Tahoe getaway and DE trips. ‘I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine,’ Biden says seven months after Ohio train derailment.

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Or as America’s Newspaper of Record notes: Nation Torn Between Being Mad Biden Never Shows Up For Work And Being Glad He Never Shows Up For Work.


● Shot: Biden makes appeal to unions as possible UAW strike looms over 2024 reelection bid.

—The Washington Examiner, today.

● Chaser: Pete Buttigieg Wants You to Stop Driving Cars.

No gas stoves, no gas-powered cars, and no beer are just a few things the Biden Administration has put the kibosh on.

The Democrat-controlled White House is now fear-mongering Americans into believing all cars cause climate change and promote racism and should, therefore, be banned. 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appointed an Obama-era group made up of 24 “leading experts” to advise him on “transportation equity,” claiming the privilege of owning a car ignites “systemic racism” and should be banned because of their negative impact on the environment. 

Members of the Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity include “spatial policy scholar” Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, who says, “All cars are bad” and calls for “zero emission transit.” 

However, she told the Free Beacon that she is not “advocating for a complete erasure” of cars but hopes to convince Buttigieg to re-direct the U.S. from relying on private motor vehicles.

Townhall, today.

Why isn’t Biden supporting the UAW’s strike, then?


h/t Ed Driscoll

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