Outrageous Injustice: FDA and USDA Prioritize Corporate Interests Over Public Health, Targeting Healthy Food Sellers While Approving Risky Vaccines for Infants

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Living in a country where regulatory bodies like the FDA and USDA can unleash the full force of the law on those selling unpasteurized raw milk and grass-fed meat — foods statistically safer than the produce at your local Walmart — is beyond absurd. Meanwhile, the same FDA gives the green light to mRNA vaccines for infants without sufficient scientific scrutiny on long-term safety. It’s painfully evident that our supposed guardians of public health are actively undermining it.

Our regulatory institutions, including the USDA, CDC, and FDA, have become diabolical enemies of the people. The glaring conflicts of interest, revolving doors between industry and government, and lack of accountability for their mistakes, corruption, and negligence must end. It’s time for a radical overhaul to ensure our regulators prioritize public health over corporate interests. Raw milk should be legal nationwide, and the absurdity of its prohibition is a stark reminder of how regulatory capture harms the very people these institutions are meant to protect.

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