NVDA Executives have been selling 100k+ shares every day sine the start of June.

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AI models that cost $1 billion to train are underway, $100 billion models coming — largest current models take ‘only’ $100 million to train


Last year, over 3.8 million GPUs were delivered to data centers. With Nvidia’s latest B200 AI chip costing around $30,000 to $40,000, we can surmise that Dario’s billion-dollar estimate is on track for 2024. If advancements in model/quantization research grow at the current exponential rate, then we expect hardware requirements to keep pace unless more efficient technologies like the Sohu AI chip become more prevalent.

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Artificial intelligence is quickly gathering steam, and hardware innovations seem to be keeping up. So, Anthropic’s $100 billion estimate seems to be on track, especially if manufacturers like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel can deliver.

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