Michigan town votes out its ENTIRE local government and changes the town hall LOCKS over its support for a $2.3B China-linked battery plant…

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Michigan township Green Charter votes out its entire local government over China-linked EV battery maker Gotion’s plan to build a factory there

Green Charter Township’s five board members were removed in recall election
They were ousted for backing Gotion’s new $2.3 billion EV battery plant
Gotion’s parent company is 30% owned by Volkswagen, but is based in China
FANCY WAY OF SAY 70 % chinese owned

The entire local government of a small Michigan township was voted out this week, in a recall election over concerns about a Chinese-affiliated company’s plans to build an electric vehicle battery plant nearby.

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In a special election on Tuesday, Green Charter Township’s five board members, who are all Republicans, were voted out in favor of candidates who ran without any party affiliation.

Hours after the vote, the town’s new leaders wasted no time, changing the locks on the township’s main government building, according to NewsNation National Correspondent Brian Entin.

The community of 3,219 leans Republican, and the surrounding county voted in favor of Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election by a margin of 22 percentage points.

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The petition that launched the recall election cited concerns that town officials were ignoring voter concerns over China-linked company Gotion’s plan to open a $2.3 billion EV plant there, which is expected to create 2,350 jobs.

Although it is backed by Volkswagen with operations in Germany, Gotion’s parent company is based in China, and has been accused of having links to the country’s Communist Party.


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