Mexico City Is Virtually Out Of Water. Over 20 million people live there. No water, no life.

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For over 22 million residents, would cause the city to run out of water. That day is approaching fast, and there is no alternative. Some groups of people in the city or some set of essential services will suffer within a few months or even weeks.

The reservoirs of the Cutzamala water system, which provide about one-fifth of the city’s water, are essentially dry. The only available option is to attempt to take water from the aquifers below the city. There is not a large enough supply, and as water is drawn from these, which are the partial foundations of Mexico City, the metropolitan area could sink several feet a year. The city, or much of it, will be destroyed.

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Cannot Save Enough Water

According to The New York Times, “But as water has become scarcer, other areas of the city are facing increased rationing, including reduced flow and getting water during only certain times of the day or on certain days of the week. Water has been rationed to 284 neighborhoods this year, even to more affluent ones, compared with 147 in 2007.” What is left unsaid is that rationing only goes so far. At some point, it becomes insufficient if the drought continues.

The Mexico City challenge is one of a growing number of parts of the world’s population suffering from extreme climate change effects that cannot be improved or changed. It is not the first successful example, and it will not be the last.

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