Marijuana raises risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke by up to a THIRD, two major studies find

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Using marijuana regularly is ‘strongly’ linked to heart failure and stroke, two major studies suggest.

One paper that tracked 160,000 adults over 54 years old for four years found those who smoked marijuana daily had a 34 percent higher risk of heart failure.

And in a second, researchers found hospitalized people over 65 years old who had used marijuana — but not cigarettes — were 20 percent more likely to suffer a major heart event or stroke.

Researchers warned data was ‘strongly pointing’ to the fact that ‘cannabis use at any point in time, be it recreational or medicinal,’ was not without risks.

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Amid the wave of legalizations of cannabis across the US, experts say the jury is no longer out on the fact cannabis is bad for your heart. Further studies have also warned it raises the risk of schizophrenia and mental health problems.

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