Man In Jail With Jeffery Epstein Says Epstein DID NOT KILL HIMSELF

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“Jeffery Epstein did not kill himself that’s a hundred and ten percent okay so then what happened now what happened is our Attorney General Barr completely lied to every citizen in this country when he said that he was going to look into the investigation and I believe he was in Texas when he said somebody asked him, one of the media outlets asked him, Bar, did you look into this? And he said, yes, I did. And there was nothing there to look into, so I dropped it. And then the follow-up question was, what do you mean there was nothing there for you to look into? And he says, well, I watched the video and no one entered the tier.

Stop right there.

So what Attorney General Barr said is, all you people are too fucking stupid, so I can really abuse yous, abuse you all. I don’t want to sound like my cousin Vinnie abused yous. I don’t want, and I’m gonna insult everybody’s intelligence, but he forgets that a lot of those dummies that were in jail know the system. And here’s the system for the people who don’t know if account is not cleared because he said two guards fell asleep and did not do the count so they did not find Epstein dead until the next morning.

That’s so fucking insulting and laughable because if that occurs then they would they call they hit the deuces in the jail. They try to contact the guards upstairs and it can’t be one, it’s gotta be two. Have to walk and do counts. So I’ll walk you through that when they do account they go into each cell and if somebody’s not moving they kick the door bang the door if it’s a if it’s a dorm like cell the iraq you you you’re a bunk with this thick or the light and they make you move your foot or your hand because in the past it was dead bodies and they had to make sure while you sleep in you you’re really alive not dead

Locked down cells, there’s cameras in a lot of the cells and there’s cameras on the tier. So when Barr said that nobody went on the tier, it’s impossible because you need two guards. If they fall asleep, they can’t because control downstairs calls up and they cannot clear the count in the building. And if that’s what occurs, they don’t clear the count.

They hit the deuces because they think there’s a hostage situation upstairs in that tier if nobody answers or they think the guards were killed so they cannot nobody moves they lock down the whole facility whether there’s any movement at all in that facility by anybody it’s completely stopped they bring their what they call different depends on the jail itself what they call their unit special units and they’ll call outside SWAT to come to the building with armed enforcement because they’re worried about hostages, prison breaks, and murder of the guards.

Okay, so.

So in your best opinion, what do you think took place?”

Please watch video to hear the rest. X’s text limits forces me to end the transcription here

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