Majority of Aussies Are Choosing Not to Get a Booster Shot

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New data has revealed only 1.9 million Australian adults have received a Covid vaccination in the past six months.

Only 5.5 per cent of of Australians aged 18 to 64 years have rolled up their sleeves for a jab in this period.

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Just 39 per cent of aged care residents across the country have received a Covid booster in the last six months.

Victoria has the greatest number of residents recently vaccinated, sitting at 42.3 per cent, followed by Western Australia (41.7 per cent), Tasmania (41.4 per cent) and South Australia (40.3 per cent).

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The ACT (39 per cent), NSW (37.7 per cent), Queensland (35 per cent) and Northern Territory (33.4 per cent) lag behind.

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