LOL, we’re being lectured on justice by a Soros-funded prosecutor.

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HOW DARE HE PARDON SOMEONE WHO BUCKED THE NARRATIVE JUST BECAUSE HIS DAUGHTER WAS RAPED! Democrats Lash Out At Youngkin For Pardoning Father Of Loudoun Rape Victim: Soros-funded prosecutor calls pardon ‘unprecedented and inappropriate

“Virginia Democrats and Loudoun County’s George Soros-backed prosecutor are lashing out at Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) over his Sunday pardon of Scott Smith, whose daughter was raped in school and who the prosecutor, Buta Biberaj, personally sought to put in jail.

See also  Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, and Mitch McConnell are all older than the president from THIRTY years ago. Generations have gone by without the torch being passed on.

Biberaj said Youngkin’s pardon “is an unprecedented and inappropriate intervention into an active legal case,” and said he was taking action “not for justice but for political gain.” Scott Surovell, the vice chairman of the Democrat Senate Caucus, said Youngkin’s pardon was an abandonment of “law and order” intended to “help his failing presidential ambitions.”

Smith was set to face his second trial this month for the crime of cursing at a leftist activist who said she didn’t believe his daughter was raped. Smith was arrested after a police officer grabbed him from behind as he was exchanging words with activist Jackie Schworm, leading to a televised tussle with police. But the resisting arrest charge was thrown out, meaning Smith was being prosecuted solely for an angry exchange of words.”



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