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LA Thieves make off with $700K worth of rare wine from liquor store

They made a grape escape.

Brazen thieves broke into a Los Angeles liquor store and stole roughly $700,000 worth of rare wines, according to the store owner.

The heist happened around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, Nazmul Haque Helal, the owner of Lincoln Fine Wines, told KTLA.

Los Angeles Metro Suffers Third World-style Wave of Copper Wire Theft 

The Los Angeles Metro train system is suffering a wave of Third World-style copper cable theft that has disrupted service as criminals seek to strip the metal from the transportation network and sell it on the scrap market.

Similar theft has all but halted freight rail lines in South Africa, whose economy is threatened by syndicates that steal copper and other materials, and which have also rendered commuter lines in major cities all but useless.

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