Joe Biden Does not have a Single Positive Thing for his 3 years as President

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by AC

this has just been one disaster after another.

The guy actually said from his own lips: If you take this vaccine, you will not get Covid and you will not spread Covid.

I mean Jesus Christ…that by itself makes him unqualified to be President.

The stumbling and falling down stairs and walking off stages and shaking hands when no one is there should be enough.

But on top of it….he has blown through 7 Trillion dollars, causing the interest rate leap that is causing the stagnant economy.

It also made every American Lose 25% of their purchasing power in three years.

It has mean the average worker has lower real wages because of Biden.

His foreign policy is a disaster. He fugged up Afghanistan, withdrawing with no plan because he wanted to give a cool 9/11 speech. He ignored military advisors to do it.

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Then he lets the Chinese fly spy balloons and does nothing. They intimidate Taiwan and he does nothing.

The US military is in a shambles.

He is blowing US money on the war in the Ukraine, and is actually diverting US Social Security funds to pay the pensions of people in the Ukraine.

And then there is the abuse of our Freedoms.

He has the FBI/CIA shutting down speech on Social Media.
Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray are on a witch hunt against Catholics and others over anti-abortion.
They are trying to create a false story about White Supremacists to call every Trump supporter their enemy.

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Joe Biden actually threatened his fellow Americans with F-16s and Nukes.

And of course, we’ve seen his scumbag son let off the hook for millions in taxes he didn’t pay while they try to coverup his years of taking bribes from foreign companies for access to VP Joe.

And let’s not forget…AS A SENATOR AND VP….he removed classified documents illegally and put them in his garage.

And he has spent 40% of his days on vacations.

I mean, sweet Jesus…this guy still have 39% support? What the hell is wrong with those people? He is the biggest disgrace and mistake in the history of this country.

he is dangerous to freedom and prosperity.

f*ck joe biden.

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