Israeli Official Who Wanted to Nuke Gaza Now Says Palestinians Should Be Deported to Ireland

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by Chris Black

It just makes you sick, looking at these fat retards in America saying they support Israel genociding Gaza because they are against Islamic immigrants.


Irish Central:

An Israeli minister has said that dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip is an option, adding that the Palestinian population should “go to Ireland or the deserts”.

Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu, a member of the extremist Otzma Yehudit party, told Israeli station Radio Kol Berama that dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza “is one of the possibilities”.

Eliyahu called for Israel to retake the Gaza Strip and restore settlements there, adding that displaced Palestinians can go to Ireland.

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“They can go to Ireland or deserts, the monsters in Gaza should find a solution by themselves,” Eliyahu told Radio Kol Berama.

How about you just give them their country back, then the Jews figure out somewhere to go?

The chutzpah on these people is something else.

Supporting Israel, supporting the US funding Israel, is no different than if you’re standing on the street watching some guy dressed up as a clown slit children’s throats, and instead of trying to stop him, or at least complaining about it, you’re throwing dollar bills at him and telling him that he’s the chosen one.

There is no reason to support Israel. Americans get absolutely nothing.

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No one else has ever mass murdered kids like this.

The Guardian:

The UN has warned of a “catastrophic” situation for children in Gaza, as Israeli bombs hit a school being used as a shelter and landed outside a hospital, and Israel came under mounting pressure over the civilian suffering caused by its campaign.

More than 40% of the dead in Gaza after nearly four weeks of war were children, the UN said, with 3,900 reported child victims, and another 1,250 missing and presumed buried under bombed buildings. With little rescue machinery, and hospitals overcrowded and running out of supplies, the chances of survival for those trapped in rubble are painfully low.

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