Israel is Losing Badly to Hezbollah in the North

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by Chris Black

>Israel is completely blinded in the north, Hezbollah destroyed all their surveillance equipment
>Now IDF drones can’t even fly over border, because Hezbollah is shooting down million dollar drones with their anti-air missiles
>Israel keeps genociding Gaza hospitals
>Hezbollah is now annihilating anything that moves in northern Israel
>With 16,000 pound missiles, precision suicide drones, rockets, and ATGMs
>REMEMBER: Israel can’t SEE SH*T. At the beginning, Israel could destroy any Hezbollah team with a Kornet ATGM system. NOW, Israel can’t even see a big missile truck firing two 16,000 pound missiles
>Two 16k lb Burkan missiles just fired at the HEADQUARTERS of the entire Northern Israel army base
>TOTAL obliteration!!!!
>Israel is hiding MASSIVE casualties, don’t want to scare the normie Israelis
>Can’t invade Lebanon, it’s suicide
>Can’t carpet bomb Beirut, whole world already hates them
>Can’t fly drones over border, they’re too expensive and get shot down immediately now

Israel is dying and they can’t even do anything about it except bomb more hospitals in Gaza!

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