Is the ADL Trying to Kill Twitter?

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by Chris Black

The truth is that the ADL wants to kill anything where you can read or speak the truth about a certain type of people.

Elon Musk is now officially threatening the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an Israeli harassment, lobbying, and terrorist group.

He further said that the ADL, through their campaign to intimidate advertisers, has destroyed half of the value of the company, and should be forced by a court to pay $22 billion.

Wouldn’t be the first time the Defamation League would be found to have defamed people.

The ADL is a very powerful group, commanding a lot of wealth, but they certainly do not have that kind of money, so the group would be forced to close.

If I was Elon, I would also be talking about suing Jonathan Greenblatt personally. He is not simply the face of this organization, but he is the one making all of the decisions.

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If Elon plays his cards right, he can simply expose the ADL for what it is.

Elon is still butt-hurt about losing his “daughter”, this is getting serious.

You know the one person who was also butt-hurt about his daughter?

Ratko Mladic, right before Srebrenica.

However, Musk’s twitter project is probably nefarious.

His taking over of the platform and letting boomer conservatives, hoaxers and grifters back on has single handedly killed the mounting discussion, litigation and political movement seeking to combat tech censorship.

Twitter’s plans for biometric data collection, forcing you to reveal where you work and your ID, helping Mossad run companies harvest private data of users, etc. suggests to me that rather than fighting the ADL, Musk’s long term plan is to lead the way in imposing their desire to de-anonymize social media.

On short, this is Kayfabe.

Whether the Muskreich wins or loses, let’s hope this finally redpills conservatards once and for all.

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It is not atheists, or communists, or globalists, or liberals, or the Left, or the Illuminati, or Irishmen, or the New World Order, or modernists, or reptilians, or the real racists, or big government, or the woke mind virus, or Yankees, or RINOs, or the Clinton Crime Family, or Satanists, that is ultimately responsible for de-platforming everyone.

It is a very specific group of people.

No low-IQ conspiracy BS is necessary to understand why someone as vile as Tariq Nasheed still has a platform and a megastar like Kanye West, even though his brain train is scrambled, does not.

The Scooby-Doo mask is off. It is as plain as day at this point.

Once ethnic awareness gets mainstreamed, the freaks and weirdos in these spaces who get off on being transgressive will need to find another dress-up hobby.

Normies can take it from here.

The Final Countdown.

After everyone is redpilled, nothing stops us from recognizing that we have separate interests from the New York financial sector, some that converge and many that diverge.

Then, we can adjust our politics instead of repeatedly getting baited and switched with backlash nonsense while our communities are pulverized into dust.

We’ll change this place from an exploitation zone into a commonwealth.

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