Is it a PR stunt? The museum must support it for this to happen.

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There is no way none of the staff and security failed to notice them carrying in giant cams of soup, opening them, and climbing over the barrier.

They could have stopped this any time they wanted.

They CHOSE to let them throw the soup and scream out their slogans before finally hauling them off.

THE RETURN OF THE PRIMITIVE: Protesters hurl soup at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in Paris.

It’s enough to wipe the smile off her face.

A pair of climate-change activists hurled pumpkin soup at the Mona Lisa on Sunday at the Louvre Museum in Paris as onlookers gasped, shocking new video shows.

“What is more important?” the crazed activists shouted in French. “Art or the right to have a healthy and sustainable food system?”

The two nuts are members of the activist group called “Riposte Alimetaire,” or Food Response, which issued a statement saying the stunt was meant to highlight the need to protect the environment.

No it isn’t. As Don Surber wrote last year: It is the painting they protest, not the oil.

We call this the cancel culture without realizing the accuracy of the phrase. The communists or whatever you wish to call the elitists and their brain-washed masses are turning the founding fathers of our constitutional republic into villains because that makes it easier to replace the God-given rights enumerated and protected by the Constitution with nonsense about the right to abortion and transgendering.

Perhaps there is a blowback.

The Daily Caller reported, “A leaked scene from the new film Tár went viral on social media on Thursday, largely as a result of the inherently anti-woke scripting from Todd Field.

“The scene shows leading lady Cate Blanchett’s character sitting at a piano with a young musician, seemingly in front of a class of students, as he completely misses whatever point she is trying to make about the power of music (or so one can assume without the full context of the storyline).

“‘Nowadays, white, male, cis composers, just not my thing,’ the young student says to her of Bach, one of the greatest and most famed composers of all time.

“‘Don’t be so eager to be offended,’ Blanchett’s character says back — not in a cruel or aggressive way, but seemingly as a way of pushing the young student to expand his mindset to accommodate Bach. ‘The narcissism of small differences leads to the most boring conformity.’

“As the scene goes on, the script calls out the hypocrisy and history of music as it relates to the modern woke cultural movement. ‘If Bach’s talent can be reduced to his gender, birth country, religion, sexuality and so on, then so can yours,’ Blanchett continues.”


The problem with her “so can yours” argument is that they are untalented. All they have is their gender, birth country, religion, sexuality and so on.

They seek entitlement because they have no merit. They can only destroy — with cans of soup.


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