Hospitals are now required to always ask 7-year-olds if they are sexually active

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A model revealed the appallingly inappropriate questions that she said a nurse asked her 10-year-old daughter after she took her to the hospital for a cat bite.

O’Malley spoke hesitantly as she revealed that nurses at the unnamed hospital asked her daughter if she was sexually active and if she had ever drank or smoked.

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‘I’ve worked so hard to protect her, just for these nurses to ruin her innocence in a split second when all we did was go to the hospital for a cat bite,’ O’Malley said.

‘They asked her that because now, apparently, this is a new thing that hospitals ask children starting from the age of seven.’

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The frustrated mother said that following the awkward exchange, she told a her friend who works at that hospital.

‘She was like, “Unfortunately, they make us ask that question now, starting from the age of seven-years-old“,’ O’Malley said.


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