Gas prices are tanking! let me tell you why.

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by WyatteSmith

So, fuel prices are plummeting.

My W/S cost of E10 87 Octane went from:

$2.76/G MONDAY to $2.47 today.

That is in Wisconsin WITH taxes.

Diesel went from $3.58 MONDAY to $3.18 today!!!

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Here is why.

The economy just went tits up.

One of my stores sells, on average, 22,000 G of clear diesel per day.

This last 2 weeks, we are at 14,000 G per day.

Stores are not ordering durable or soft goods, so a huge reduction in transportation is needed.

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This is BAD. Stores are NOT ordering more inventory, right before the holidays.

It is over, stick a f**king fork in it.

Do with this what you want.

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