Fulton County Judge McAfee criticizes Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, but allows Fani to stay.

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BREAKING: McAfee Splits the Fani Baby? “Profiles in Courage, it ain’t,” Ed Morrissey writes:

Curtis Houck sums it up nicely:

The problem with splitting the baby is that the baby dies. That seems to be what happened here in McAfee’s attempt to be Solomonic. If he wanted Fani Willis to remain in charge of the case, he needed to exonerate her from all of these issues. Instead, he admitted what everyone could see on live television, and then refused to act on it.

That sets up an appeal, of course, based on the factual record that McAfee established in this order. And one has to wonder whether that is McAfee’s intent — to punt this to the state appellate court rather than risk the ire of Fulton County voters by disqualifying Willis. Declare her guilty, fail to act, and let the next set of judges with more political insulation deal with the issue themselves. Or maybe even more quickly, letting the Georgia State Bar and the Attorney General deal with the “odor of mendacity” and pre-empt the whole issue by suspending Willis’ law license.

Like I said … Profiles in Courage this ain’t.

I keep hoping that I’ll find some evidence that our government is not totally corrupt but I never do.

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There was overwhelming evidence that Wills is corrupt but some how the judge is able to over look it. Disgusting. He sold his soul for a job and is just as corrupt as the woman he just let off.

I heard Johnathan Turley on Fox talking about how this might be a good thing for Trump because his team will now be able to play up how compromised Willis is. Ya, right. The fix is in. Why even bother with a trial when we know that the outcome has already been decided.

I weep for my country.

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