France to Ban Smoking on All Beaches and Public Parks

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by Chris Black

FYI, nicotine boosts testosterone in men. Also, nicotine helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

France, like China, is a smoking country.

However, unlike China, France is a lame country.

The Guardian:

France is to ban smoking on all beaches, as well as in public parks, forests and near schools, after Emmanuel Macron promised to create “the first tobacco-free generation” by 2032.

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“From now on, no-smoking areas will be the norm,” said the health minister, Aurélien Rousseau.

Just for the retards in the audience: these are the same people who vaxed you.

They now care about your health.

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Moreover, name one cool person, real or fictional, who doesn’t smoke.

I’ll wait.

NOTE: Be careful with that vape stuff. No one knows what that crap is.

Hopefully, in the future, there will be healthier vape options, but right now, no one knows what that sh*t is.

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