Florida cruise passengers sickened by unknown illness: ‘My throw up was bright blue’, someone threw up a live parasite

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Several passengers on board a Florida-based cruise ship came down with an unknown illness that caused one woman to hurl vomit tainted with a mysterious shade of blue, according to a report.

Miranda Hill got sick shortly after departing Jacksonville on the Carnival Cruise Line’s Elation ship last week with her boyfriend’s family.

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While she initially thought she was simply sea-sick, it soon became clear it was something more

“My throw up was bright blue and I have never eaten anything blue and every time I look up blue throw up, it has to deal with a poisoning,” she told First Coast News.

So instead of enjoying a relaxing, five-day vacation on the sea, the woman said she spent half her time on the cruise hooked up to an IV in the ship’s infirmary.

And she wasn’t the only one. Members of her boyfriend’s family, some of her friends and other passengers suffered from similar symptoms, according to Hill.

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“My friend who I came with, she threw up a live parasite,” she told the outlet.

On Monday, Carnival Cruise Lines reportedly said people onboard the Elation ship had symptoms of gastroenteritis, or the stomach flu.


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