FBI raids NYC mayor Eric Adams! As they seize all his electronic devices, set to be arrested

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FBI agents seized phones and an iPad from New York City Mayor Eric Adams this week as part of an investigation into his campaign fundraising, his attorney confirmed Friday.

The seizures happened after the mayor attended a public event Monday night, according to a statement from the mayor’s attorney, Boyd Johnson.

“On Monday night, the FBI approached the mayor after an event. The Mayor immediately complied with the FBI’s request and provided them with electronic devices,” the statement said.

The seizure of the devices, first reported by The New York Times, came days after federal agents searched the Brooklyn home of Adams’ top campaign fundraiser, Brianna Suggs. That search prompted the mayor to cancel a planned trip to meet with White House officials in Washington and instead return to New York.

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Adams, a Democrat, said nothing publicly about his phones being seized when he met with reporters on Wednesday and said he wasn’t aware of any wrongdoing by members of his campaign team. He expressed confidence that everyone working for him was following the law.

In a statement Friday, Johnson said Adams was committed to cooperating with the probe. He also implied that wrongdoing had, in fact, been uncovered, but didn’t say what.

“After learning of the federal investigation, it was discovered that an individual had recently acted improperly. In the spirit of transparency and cooperation, this behavior was immediately and proactively reported to investigators,” he said, offering no further details.

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A spokesperson for the U.S. attorney in Manhattan declined to comment.

“As a former member of law enforcement, I expect all members of my staff to follow the law and fully cooperate with any sort of investigation—and I will continue to do exactly that. I have nothing to hide,” Adams, a former police captain, said in a statement.




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