Fauci Worried People Won’t Obey Mask Mandates

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by Martin Armstrong

Masks were ineffective. They forced us to cover half our face to appear in public for years. It had nothing to do with health and everything to do with being a mass social experiment to see how blindly the people would obey their laws. Anthony Fauci realizes that a second round of COVID restrictions will be much more difficult to manage as many have woken up to the fearmongering.

“I am concerned that people will not abide by [masking] recommendations,” Fauci said. “We’re not talking about mandates or forcing anybody, but when you have a situation where the volume of cases in society gets to a reasonably high level, the vulnerable, the elderly, those with underlying conditions, are going to be more susceptible, if they do get infected, of getting severe disease leading to hospitalization. We know that. That’s a fact,” Fauci told reporters at CNN.

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Let us recall that Fauci was spotted at a super-spreader event, a baseball game, without a mask. All of those pushing for mandates were spotted breaking those very laws. He knows this is all a show. CNN was not even willing to comply as the reporter read Fauci a study published by the New York Times that discusses how useless masks and mask mandates have been. They even asked Fauci about the inconsistent studies regarding masks and how they should have never been mandated in the first place.

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Typical Fauci babbled on about the science. He said that although masks may not protect individuals, they can still protect the public at large. Nothing he says makes sense. They are attempting to prepare us for another mass COVID outbreak. Interestingly, COVID seems to become a problem when we near elections, and some are calling it an “election virus.” Jill Biden has now come down with COVID after receiving every vaccination under the sun. They want the people to begin talking about how it must be spreading. The cat is already out of the bag, and we know the truth — masks do not work. We will not comply.

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