‘Everyone is going to get sued’: Joe Rogan tells Aaron Rodgers the pendulum is about to swing back on the sex-change industry

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Joe Rogan is convinced the day of reckoning draws nigh for those who have participated in the mutilation of the mentally compromised in the name of “gender-affirming care.”

Fresh off reaching a new deal with Spotify estimated to be worth $250 million, Rogan told New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the Feb. 7 episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” that the recent story about de-transitioners in the New York Times is yet another sign the pendulum is swinging back and poised to knock down the exponents of transgender hysteria.

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“Even the f***ing New York Times wrote a major story about de-transitioners — so people who were convinced at an early age that they were trans and now they are de-transitioning,” Rogan told Rodgers. “Their lives are ruined; their bodies are ruined; they can’t have children anymore. They lost their breasts or penis. It is in-f***ing-sanity!”

“This is what Jordan Peterson was warning people about in 2016 when I first met him,” continued Rogan. “And everybody was like, ‘Why do you care about what’s happening in colleges? These are just fringe things that are happening in colleges.'”

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