Even Snopes Now Admits That TRUMP Didn’t Call White Supremists “Very Fine People”

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Snopes Finally Gets Around to Fact-Checking the Entire Basis of Biden’s Presidency, and Libs Are Big Mad.

Better late than never I suppose. Some seven years after it happened, Snopes has finally gotten around to fact-checking what would become the entire basis of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Biden has repeatedly claimed that he decided to run against Donald Trump because the former president supposedly praised the neo-nazis present at Charlottesville in 2017. At issue was a comment about “very fine people on both sides” that Trump made while reacting to the incident. Biden took that and made it the centerpiece of his campaign announcement, with the first words coming out of his mouth being “Charlottesville, Virginia.”

Since then, the idea that Trump “praised” neo-nazis has become canon on the left. Even in 2024, the White House still repeats the allegation. There’s just one problem: It was never true.

For reasons that weren’t immediately clear, Snopes randomly decided to set the record straight a week before the first presidential debate in 2024, and it has Democrats fuming.

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