Elons transgender daughter Vivian becomes communist, hates the rich, he claims brainwashed at 50k yr school

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Elon Musk says estranged trans daughter Vivian has become COMMUNIST who thinks rich people are evil – as he blames woke $50,000-a-year Crossroads school for brainwashing her

The remarks were published in an excerpt from Walter Isaacson’s new biography

Musk calls rift with Vivian most painful moment since death of his firstborn

Blamed private school Crossroads for his child becoming ‘a full communist’

Elon Musk has spoken out about his painful estrangement from his transgender daughter, calling her a ‘communist’ and blaming her politics on the expensive private high school she attended.

Musk’s now 19-year-old child last year legally changed her gender to female and her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, saying in court filings that she ‘no longer wishes to be related’ to the billionaire Tesla CEO ‘in any way.’

In an excerpt from his upcoming biography of Musk published on Thursday by the Wall Street Journal, author Walter Isaacson wrote that Musk’s rift with Vivian ‘pained him more than anything in his life since the infant death of his firstborn child Nevada,’ who died just 10 weeks old of sudden infant death syndrome.

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The billionaire was ‘generally sanguine’ when he first learned of his child’s transition, but things changed when Vivian, who also goes by Jenna, began expressing extreme Marxist views and declared her intention to sever all ties, according to Isaacson.

‘She went beyond socialism to being a full communist and thinking that anyone rich is evil,’ Musk told the author, placing blame in part on Crossroads, the private K-12 school in Santa Monica where annual tuition costs up to $50,000

A spokesperson for Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences did not immediately respond to a request for comment from DailyMail.com on Thursday.

Isaacson writes that in Vivan was 16, which would have been 2020 or 2021, she texted the wife of Elon’s brother to come out, writing: ‘Hey, I’m transgender, and my name is now Jenna … Don’t tell my dad.’

The biographer reveals that Musk’s painful rift for Vivan is partly responsible for the billionaire’s ongoing obsession with ‘woke’ ideology, which he views as a threat to human civilization and motivated his $42 billion purchase of Twitter last year.

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‘Unless the woke mind virus, which is fundamentally anti-science, anti-merit, and anti-human in general, is stopped, civilization will never become multiplanetary,’ Musk told the author.

Though Musk has previously blamed ‘woke’ schools for his rift with Vivian, it is the first time he has named Crossroads, which caters to the children of the rich and famous, and has a start-studded roster of alumni.

Founded in 1971 as a secular school initially affiliated with St. Augustine By-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Santa Monica, the school has evolved into a prestigious academy for the next generation of Hollywood stars.

Crossroads alumni include a slew of A-listers such as Zooey Deschanel, Jonah Hill, Jack Black, Kate Hudson, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Jack Quaid, the son of actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid and himself a rising Hollywood star, also graduated from the school.

LeBron James’ sons, Bronny and Bryce, both also attended Crossroads before transferring to Sierra Canyon for that school’s basketball program.


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