Elon Musk Redpills Normies on Who’s Behind Mass Censorship

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by Chris Black

For the record, I don’t even like this guy.

But just like Kanye West/Ye, he’s doing a great job redpilling normies on important stuff like this:

You see, this is not about the ADL per se, it’s about who’s actually behind censorship.

Even in so-called conservative circles, you are only allowed to talk about the ADL as “a Democrat partisan organization that pretends to defend the Jews while pushing a Democrat agenda.”

These mental gymnastics make it utterly impossible to talk about what is actually happening.

I don’t really see how this can de-escalate. It appears to me that Elon is all-in.

The ADL is demanding a right to dictate the content on Twitter, and they are doing it in such a way that it will make him unable to run the site how he intends to run it if he gives them control.

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In some ways, this feels like a direct extension of – or a sequel to – the events that happened last year with Kanye West.

Now, people who are paying attention are seeing Elon saying many of the same things that Kanye was saying.

So you have the most popular musician of the era and the richest man in the world both coming out and saying, you know, the thing you cannot talk about in polite society.

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Needless to say, I’m incredibly happy about how all of this is going.

Here’s the deal though: if Elon was so bothered by the ADL’s undermining of X advertising partners, why was he using their “Freedom of Reach” slogan? Greenblatt has used the slogan for years.

Elon says the ADL tried to undermine X from day one, yet he parroted this rhetoric until #BanTheADL came about.

Linda Yaccarino even recently repeated the slogan and announced that “Freedom of Speech, Not Reach” is X Safety’s official policy.

Elon also defended the policy in the replies. This was less than a month ago, but then #BanTheADL happens and he’s suddenly super-concerned about the ADL’s undue influence.

What’s up with all that?

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