‘Elon Musk of China’ develops EV battery with range of 600+ miles. This EV could be the ‘Tesla killer’ in China.

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Chinese Tesla rival Nio has developed an EV battery with a range of 1,000km — and its CEO tested it out by driving for 14 hours on a single charge between two Chinese cities.

Nio CEO William Li, who has gained a reputation as China’s Elon Musk, live-streamed his mammoth 1,044km journey from Shanghai to Xiamen on December 17 in a test of the Chinese EV company’s groundbreaking battery technology.

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Li said in a post on the Chinese social media site Weibo that his Nio ET7 electric car was able to travel the whole 14-hour journey without recharging despite a regional cold snap and that he ended the 1000km road trip with 3% battery charge still remaining.

The ET7 was powered by Nio’s 150 kWh battery, which Li says has the highest energy density of any mass-produced EV battery on the planet, allowing it to provide greater range than most other electric cars.

Nio is planning to begin mass-producing 150 kWh batteries in April 2024. However, it is going to be expensive, with the company saying buying the battery by itself will cost around 298,000 yuan ($42,100) — the same price as a Tesla Model Y in China.

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