Dr. Berg, the largest health influencer on YouTube (11m) is about to be shut down – due to YouTube’s new partnership with the WHO

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Most Important Video On The Internet? Dr. David E. Martin Calls For Total Destruction Of The World Health Organization (WHO) For Crimes Against Humanity & Bio-Terrorism (9/13/23 Speech):

bravely exposes the criminal cartel WHO: Plan it, Fund it, Create it, Deploy & Profit from it.

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“Until we treat this as a criminal conspiracy, of criminal racketeers, resulting in global terrorism for the purpose of profiteering and murder; until we have that conversation, we’re having the wrong conversation.”

He also exposes COVID as bio-weapon as part of his presentation.

It is a longer clip, so consider playing it on 1.25X speed or bookmarking it for later if you’re short on time.

This is Dr David Martin’s Speech.

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D3, even light and topical applications and vitamin B1, gets the energy for foods into cells, mitocondrial energy. The spark plug vit.

They don’t like his videos but big tech censorship lost bigly in 5th circuit federal court, where collusion with the regime, CDC, FBI, and Biden Administration.

So instead they go further and censor even more?


He can sue.

However if its not a gaming or crafting channel, move to rumble and bitchute, and consider locals as well.


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