Don’t be fooled, a lot of money is exiting the market right now.

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With Nvidia holding all the headlines hostage this week, two things came to light yesterday. This is no longer a one stock stock market and the reboot of another mass exit. Yesterday even though Nvidia was up most of the day, the power of the other 99 stocks in the S&P 100 going down against NVidia ruled. Secondly, as stocks were going down, bonds were going down and commodities with resurgence of the dollar. That shows a mass exit or flight to safety. Look for today to start off rocky as the mass exit continues as everyone exits risk before the holiday weekend. Probably around lunch time as everyone has exited risk and starting the holiday early, we could get a steady move up courtesy of algo autopilots. I am definitely going to exit a couple of shorts only to put them back on at the end of the day.

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