Day After This Savage Was Given a Standing Ovation Police Arrest Him for Manslaughter

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by Chris Black

Evidence must be strong.

Prosecutor going up against the fans, sports media, and even the victim’s girlfriend, who all want to see Petgrave go free because he’s black.

There are segments of people we generally associate with the middle class or right-wing — religious people, deeply engaged sports fans, small business owners — who have sometimes shocked me with their appalling views on race.

They are just as bad as the most aggrieved black race-Marxist in the lengths they will go to to cover up, ignore and excuse black behavior and criminality.

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The whole Matt Petgrave controversy should serve as an eye-opening experience.

There are a large number of white people — and not just leftists by any means — who are too afraid to say something even when blacks murder someone right in front of them.

People whose racial instinct is weaker than the fear of authority will go extinct.

Simple equation.

God will gladly forsake a feeble people who don’t fight for themselves and he won’t answer your prayers.

Something I noticed in perusing sports communities online in the wake of the hockey incident is that they were very insular and decided on the fact that it was not criminal, and they didn’t want the outside politics to intrude on their enjoyment of the sport.

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Anyone with a strong opinion that it was a criminal act became suspect of being an outsider and not a real fan and was attacked.

Real fans were considered the only people who could hold valid opinions, and the only valid opinion was Petgrave was innocent and anti-Racism is a moral imperative.

I don’t know if this was organic, or if these communities are aggressively gate-kept by moderators to make sure the goyim in them stay on message.

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