CPI will reach 4% in January 2024 according to best case analysis – How is this possible?

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by JungleJuggler

Original tweet: twitter.com/takumiresearch/status/1700156615914098713

Hey folks, stumbled upon this interesting CPI analysis. So, here’s the scoop:

CPI worst case analysis

CPI best case analysis

In the best case, they’re saying the CPI rate could hit about 4% and then maybe drop to below 3% by March 2024, chilling at around 2.3%.

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But, in the worst case… brace yourselves… CPI could be stuck between 4% and 5% all year.

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Oh, and there’s this Core CPI thing. Will it keep dropping or just hang around 4% to 5%?

What are your thoughts on this? Let’s chat about it!

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