Armenian Government Building Under Siege as Protests Intensify Amid Growing Clashes

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A mounting crisis is unfolding in Armenia as a coup d’état appears to be underway. The streets of Yerevan, the capital, are witnessing an increasing number of protesters gathering outside the Armenian government building. The situation has escalated with clashes intensifying between these protesters and security forces, leading to several police officers sustaining minor injuries, likely from projectiles thrown by the demonstrators.

Chants of “Nikol is a traitor” resonate through the crowds, indicating a strong discontentment with the current government leadership. The turmoil reaches a critical point as protesters attempt to breach the barriers guarding a government building in Yerevan. This confrontation marks a significant shift in the ongoing unrest.

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The tensions have peaked with demonstrators aiming to penetrate the cordon surrounding the parliament building. The situation is fluid and volatile, with the trajectory of events remaining uncertain. Armenia is grappling with a profound political crisis, and the evolving dynamics on the streets of Yerevan demand close attention and concern from both domestic and international observers.


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