Canadian Conservative Pierre Poilievre Gives Another MASTER CLASS on Crushing Fake News Journalists; James Woods Takes a Swing at Brian Stelter

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James Woods Takes Swing at Brian Stelter, Makes Direct Hit

James Woods quite aptly puts the Potato in his place. Remember when Brian ‘Potato’ Stelter said Michael Avenatti could become president?

Potato had the unmitigated gall to call his program ‘Reliable Sources’ as he used it to spread lies and twisted propaganda. He constantly gave Adam Schiff a platform to lie and never questioned a word he said.

James Woods responded to one of Stelter’s tweets. He wrote: This is rich. Spud Noggin lecturing people on news media standards and practices. Meanwhile, he’d be buffing the bishop every night dreaming of a Schiff/Avenatti train.

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