California quietly disavows medical misinformation law before courts can strike it down.

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via justthenews:

California’s COVID-19 medical misinformation law, which threatens the licenses of doctors who deviate from a fluctuating “scientific consensus” in conversations with patients, got a frosty reception in front of trial and appeals courts this year.

Signed into law by Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom nearly a year ago, AB 2098 may not exist by the time judges get around to deciding its constitutionality.

A provision to repeal the law was apparently added to Senate Bill 815, which makes changes to the Medical Board of California, in late August or early September with the legislative session winding down. Nobody seems to know, or is willing to say, how it got there.


Whoever did it, I’m sure it was at Gavin Newsom’s behest to avoid an embarrassing First Amendment court loss as he seeks the White House.

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