BREAKING: Twitter/X Officially File Lawsuit Against Brock and Matters for Fraud and Defamation

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This is going to be fun to watch…

The Social Cancelers are now facing Social Cancellation!
Musk can simply bury these people in legal fees alone.

Remember this phrase:
“Tortious Interference with Economic Relations”


New: TX AG Opens Criminal Probe of Media Matters over Twitter.

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via AI:

Tortious interference with economic relations is a legal concept that refers to a situation in which a third party intentionally disrupts the business or contractual relationships between two other parties, causing economic harm. This interference typically involves actions such as inducing a breach of contract, causing the failure of a business deal, or interfering with contractual or business relations for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.

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To establish a claim of tortious interference with economic relations, the following elements are typically required:

  1. Existence of a Valid Contract or Economic Relationship: There must be a valid and existing contractual or economic relationship between the plaintiff and a third party.
  2. Knowledge of the Relationship: The interfering party must be aware of the contractual or economic relationship between the plaintiff and the third party.
  3. Intentional Interference: The interference must be intentional, meaning the third party knowingly and purposefully took actions to disrupt the contractual or economic relationship.
  4. Improper Means or Motivation: The interference must be accomplished through improper means or with an improper motive. This could involve illegal or unethical behavior.
  5. Damages: The plaintiff must suffer economic harm as a result of the interference.

Tortious interference with economic relations is a civil tort, and individuals or businesses may file a lawsuit seeking damages for the harm caused by the interference. The legal remedies available to the injured party may include monetary compensation for the losses suffered due to the interference. Laws regarding tortious interference can vary, so the specific elements and requirements may differ based on jurisdiction.


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