Biden White House demanded Marine Corps band compose ‘Fanfare for the First Lady’ entrance theme for Jill: report

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In 2022, the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams reported that the Marine Corps Band was instructed to compose an entrance theme for First Lady Jill Biden. The song, Fanfare for the First Lady, was intended to be a counterpoint to the president’s Hail to the Chief. But of course, the president is the elected commander in chief, and the First Lady is more of an honorary post.

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Many of those in the Marine Corps Band said they’d never been asked to do an exclusive First Lady entrance theme before. “Someone in the White House apparently ‘had the bright idea, ‘Oh, tell the band that we want music for Jill,” a source said. ‘The band had to provide music,'” Adams reported.

“The White House asked nobody, not one person, to compose an exclusive entry song, or any song, for the first lady,” LaRosa added. “None of that is accurate.”

Yet, the song exists. LaRosa said the whole thing was the band’s idea and that it wasn’t even written for First Lady Jill specifically, even though it was played just for her and there was a recording made as well so she could have the entrance song even when the band was not around.

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