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Mystery billionaire businessman offers lucky influencer couple £160,000 a year to live on his private Caribbean island and post about it online

A billionaire businessman is offering to pay a lucky couple £160,000 a year to live on and ‘maintain’ his private Caribbean island as a full-time job.

The dreamy job advert calls for a pair to oversee and maintain one of the British Virgin Islands as well as promote its transformation from a building site to a luxury paradise.

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Its full-time influencers would jet off to the secret island in January and share their experience of living in a ‘millionaire’s playground’ across social media.

The online advert explains applicants would need to submit a TikTok video to be reviewed by the owner’s media team.

Both the island and the new owner’s name is being kept under wraps until its sale is announced but Richard Branson and Google co-founder Larry Page’s islands are nearby.

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The perfect applicants must be ‘highly experienced’ in luxury hospitality. They’ll also be tasked to manage the running of the land’s facilities and events when the project is completed for investors and guests to arrive before the end of 2024.

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