Americans Will Tolerate Virtually Anything Because of Mercantilism

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by Chris Black

The downsides of being replaced and globalism are made up for by cheap labor/services/consumer goods and the idea that more people to buy and sell to is an end in and of itself.

Now America has slid to 2nd world status according to most metrics, and soon will be 3rd world.

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At that point this racially incoherent country will be impossible to govern.

If you want to see how they took over America watch the Ray Kroc biopic Founder.

A sleazy salesman (Kroc) approaches the two restaurant owners that started the first McDonald’s with a plan to franchise it.

Along the way, Kroc ditches his WASP investors then goes to Synagogues to recruit new partners.

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He meets a bunch of Jewish people who encourage him to screw the wholesome and honest McDonald brothers out of their contract and handshake agreements with real estate grifts, legal shenanigans and cuts to food quality.

Just amazing.

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