Americans Split On Israel’s War In Gaza

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by Chris Black

Americans are sharply divided on Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

Yes, I know.

Public opinion is irrelevant when it comes to Standing With Israel.

Nevertheless, I still find it interesting though that 45% of Americans, 64% of non-Whites, 63% of Democrats and 67% of Americans under 35 disapprove of Israel’s war in Gaza.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Half of Americans approve of Israel’s military action in the Hamas-led Gaza Strip, and 45% disapprove, according to a Gallup poll conducted several weeks after Hamas launched a deadly attack on Israel that led to a major military operation by Israel.

The slight public opinion tilt in favor of Israel’s actions masks diverging views across U.S. subgroups:

Solid majorities of Republicans (71%), men (59%), adults 55 and older (63%) and White adults (61%) approve of Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

Conversely, more than six in 10 Democrats (63%), adults younger than 35 (67%), and people of color (64%) disapprove, as do the slight majority of women (52%).

With no meaningful differences by education in these attitudes, college graduates’ and college nongraduates’ reactions mirror the national average. Political independents are evenly split in their views. …

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What is Z.O.G.?

Z.O.G. is Joe Biden governing against 63% of his own voters.

Z.O.G. is when pernicious political polarization magically vanishes.

Z.O.G. is the fact that Bibi Netanyahu is far more powerful in Washington than Joe Biden.

Z.O.G. is when Congress votes 412-1-1 to define Israel as a Jewish ethnostate. Even The Squad has been cowed into submission by AIPAC.

Z.O.G. is House Speaker Mike Johnson, Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries locking arms and chanting their support of Israel after it exterminates thousands of children in front of the world.

Z.O.G. is the willingness of Joe Biden to torpedo his reelection by alienating young voters, non-White voters, the Left and Muslims for the sake of giving Bibi Netanyahu a blank check to do whatever he wants in Gaza.

Z.O.G. is the willingness of Joe Biden to forget everything he said about the battle for “the soul of America.”

Z.O.G. is when international law, human rights and social justice become irrelevant.

Z.O.G. is when America is diplomatically isolated and opposed to nearly the entire world for the sake of Standing With Israel.

Z.O.G. is the willingness of the Biden administration to enrage 1.8 billion Muslims for the sake of 7 million Jews in resource poor Israel.

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Z.O.G. is more powerful than Wokeism as deference to People of Color and all that talk about white supremacy and the oppressed mysteriously vanishes.

Z.O.G. is the willingness to look the other way at the most intense forms of racism, lynchings, carpet bombing children, using food and water as a weapon of war, ethnic cleansing, Jewish supremacy, etc.

Z.O.G. is the force that explains all of this which cannot be explained by public opinion or geopolitics or national self interest or economic dependency or political ambition or morality.

New York Times:

In our polarized country, it counts as news whenever members of one political party deeply disagree on an issue. The Israel-Hamas war has become an example for the Democratic Party. Many Democrats — including members of the Biden administration — are divided over Israel’s war strategy.

That divide has rightly received a lot of attention. But the focus on Democratic infighting can obscure other parts of American public opinion about the war. In today’s newsletter, I will walk through four main findings from recent polls. …

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