American workers are striking at a record pace

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by DesmondMilesDant

The data is clear: workdays lost to stoppages have been on the rise in recent years, reaching a peak of 4.1 million days in August 2023. This trend is concerning, as it suggests that more and more workers are being impacted by raising living cost. The reasons for this increase are likely varied, but could include rising tensions between employers and employees over wages and benefits, or disagreements about working conditions. Whatever the cause, it’s clear that labor unrest is becoming a growing problem in the U.S., one that may need to be addressed by policymakers soon.

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UAW’s 20% Wage Hike Demands Just Coping With Bidenonomics (Gasoline Prices UP 70% Under Union Joe While Food CPI Up 20%)

Kaiser employees also recently authorized a strike

How many strikes are happening currently? Auto workers, hotel workers, SAG Actors, writers guild. I heard pilots might strike. Anyone else?

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