After BLM Riots Almost All New Jobs at S&P 100 Companies Went to Non-Whites

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by Chris Black

I think we’ve already covered this topic, but it’s worth remembering that this country hates you.

Western Journal:

White people were seemingly passed over for jobs following the civil unrest of 2020 as major corporations gave more than nine out of 10 available positions to non-white applicants, according to a new report.

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After the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day 2020, many of the nation’s cities were consumed by rioting and protests. Soon, major corporations and sports leagues got behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

But according to Bloomberg, corporate America responded to the unrest with more than donations and statements in support of the neo-Marxist group.

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Major companies hired hundreds of thousands of new employees, and the lion’s share of them were minorities.

If black people had the skills for these jobs, they would have been hired before the death of George Floyd.

These companies started hiring people who were unqualified because they were black.

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