Adobe new terms of service require you to give access to your projects so they can moderate your content.

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Adobe’s recent changes to its terms of service have indeed sparked concern among creators. When users opened Photoshop, they were greeted with a pop-up informing them of these adjustments. While it’s common for companies to update their terms of service, Adobe’s changes go beyond the usual permissions. Specifically, section 2.2 of the terms now grants Adobe the right to access content generated from its programs for various purposes, including training artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Access to Your Content: Adobe’s updated terms of service allow them to access and view your content for various purposes, including moderation. However, this access is limited and only as permitted by law.
  2. Purposes: Adobe’s access serves several purposes:
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Naturally, creators expressed their dissatisfaction with these new rules. Some felt that Adobe was overstepping by demanding access to their work. For instance, Sam Santala, founder of Songhorn Studios, criticized Adobe for locking him out of Photoshop unless he agreed to grant full access to his projects. Director Duncan Jones also voiced frustration, highlighting the absurdity of requiring access to creators’ work simply because they use Adobe’s software.

In response to the backlash, Adobe clarified that their access is limited and necessary for operating services, improving software, and complying with legal requirements (such as screening for abusive content)However, the debate continues, with professionals concerned about the implications for projects under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and sensitive content. If you’re an Adobe user, it’s essential to stay informed about these changes and make an informed decision based on your needs and comfort level.

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