5th Circuit Court ruled Biden administration, FBI, CDC violated First Amendment by coercing Big Tech to censor Americans.

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In a landmark decision, the 5th Circuit Court has delivered a damning verdict: the Biden administration, the FBI, and the CDC have all flagrantly violated the First Amendment by colluding with Big Tech to censor Americans. This unprecedented ruling unveils a dark chapter of governmental overreach and the erosion of free speech rights.

Where are our so-called Republican leaders in this moment of crisis? Their silence is deafening. As the court’s findings send shockwaves through the nation, the absence of a strong, vocal response from the opposition raises troubling questions about the state of our political landscape.

But the revelations get even worse. The court found that the Biden administration not only influenced social media platforms but did so through coercion and intimidation. The ruling states that the White House “coerced the platforms by way of intimidating messages and threats of adverse consequences.”

In essence, the Biden administration forced social media companies to remove posts that criticized them or made the White House look bad. This chilling manipulation of public discourse by those in power is a blatant attack on the very principles of democracy.

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As these revelations come to light, the American public is left grappling with the extent of governmental influence over supposedly independent platforms. The integrity of free speech is under siege, and the trust between the government and its citizens is fractured.

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